Sunflower U-pick Field and Walk

By Waldoch Farm (other events)

20 Dates Through Sep 06, 2020

Waldoch Farm Garden Center’s love of flowers and nature has spilled over into a 6 acre field of gorgeous sunflowers! Come and walk through 10's of thousand blooms spreading down the hill like liquid sunshine, with photo opportunities, and U-Pick sunflower areas to take home a handful of summer for yourself.

The U-pick Sunflower Field and walk will be an awe inspiring way to experience the wonders of nature and agriculture. We have seeded six full acres of sunflowers an area of around six football fields, with 150,000 seeds to create this beautiful strolling landscape. U-Pick Sunflower Field and Walk.

Face Coverings are Required at Waldoch Farm. This event is also a photo opportunity. For this reason, if you are in the sunflower field 10 feet away from anyone not in your family or "pod" you can take the mask off only when actively taking pictures. When you are done taking pictures or someone comes within 10 feet (about 4 rows of sunflowers) of you, please put the mask back on.


Due to keeping our capacity at 25%, we are strictly limiting access BY DAY & TIME to ensure every guest gets plenty of pictures in the sunflowers The time frame on this reservation is when you can start checking in at Waldoch Farm and when you need to be leaving the sunflower field.